Pirate’s League

Ahoy Mateys!

*image credit Walt Disney World

The Pirate’s League, located in Adventureland, is an interactive pirate experience that allows boys and girls an opportunity to be turned into real life swashbucklers!   Your experience begins by receiving your official pirate name as recorded from a leather bound captain’s log.  You  are then brought to the Muster Station, where a Pirate’s Master begins your transformation.   Leave your old self behind as you undergo a makeover, transforming you into a fearsome member of the Pirate’s League. Finally, it is time for your oath! You are sworn into the Pirate’s League and the Pirate Master will escort you into a hidden chamber where you can have your picture taken and receive your secret treasure.

To undergo your makeover advance reservations are strongly encouraged. Aspiring pirates (and mermaids) must be at least 3 years of old and accompanied by an adult 18 and over.  Prices range from $39.95-$99.95.

Are you ready to be a pirate, or are you doomed to walk the plank?