Castle Couture

*image credit Walt Disney World

My little ones LOVE to play dress up! On a visit to Walt Disney World, my children were excited to visit Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  This obviously required that we come prepared with outfits to match the parts that they would be playing once their makeovers were complete. I’m sad to say I didn’t know about the amazingness of Castle Couture in Magic Kingdom until well after reservations had been made and princess dresses and other royal attire had been purchased.  Had I known about Castle Couture sooner, we would have waited until we arrived at Magic Kingdom to shop!

When we entered the store my brain nearly exploded! I could have spent the day walking around Castle Couture having my kids try on every outfit available in their size. Honestly, if they’d have been willing to give me a name tag, I would have walked around helping other guests too! Plush toys, princess dresses, swords, other trinkets…They had it all! It was so fun to see the eyes of the little ones light up as they walked around the shop until they found exactly what they had been looking for!  That is a huge part of what makes Walt Disney World so magical for me.

One of the most exciting things about Castle Couture is they offer photo rooms complete with PhotoPass photographers who are waiting there to capture the amazing time being had by all with a personal photoshoot! Children can be photographed individually and family photos can be taken as well. The PhotoPass photographers make every person in the family feel like they are the most important Prince or Princess in the world when their turn comes to be the center of attention.

We have four children and I often find myself rushing them through character interactions and photo ops because I worry about how the people behind us in line feel about how long we are taking.  I’m the mom who is always saying “I know you want a picture by yourself with *insert every character name* but tons of friends are also waiting too, so smile quickly!” At Castle Couture photos are taken in a room away from the crowd and without a line of people anxiously awaiting their turn.  This made it so much easier for me to say “You want another picture making a silly face? Sure! And one with a different prop? Absolutely!” without feeling like I was making someone else frustrated by taking too long.

The pictures taken at Castle Couture are included with the purchase of Memory Maker. Since we purchased Memory Maker already, the pictures were basically free (That is how I justified the amount of extra money we spent on souvenirs anyway!). Castle Couture is an excellent stop for Royal pictures to be taken after a visit to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or for a family picture on any day that you feel inclined to make the stop. You won’t regret taking the time to stop and the pictures that you take home are a beautiful reminder of the amazing family time that you had while visiting Walt Disney World!