Walt Disney World Railroad-Frontier Station

All Aboard!

*image credit Walt Disney World

Travel on down the Walt Disney World Railroad and step off at the station when you hear the yee-haws! One of the main attractions in Frontierland is the train, manufactured by Baldwin Locomotive Works. The single-track attraction allows wheelchair access and has availability for Closed Captioning. During your ride, you’ll travel 10 mph aboard one of the steam locomotives, all the while listening to narration about the attractions you pass.

The Walt Disney World Railroad has a total of 4 steam locomotives and 20 passenger cars to accommodate guests through the land of the American Old West. If you board at Main Street U.S.A, you’ll enter Frontierland through the tunnel attached to Splash Mountain. This will give you a sneak peak of the attraction, spying a boat with some critters aboard. If you happen to stay aboard the train and not depart at Frontierland’s station, you’ll pass through the wooded track. Along this track you will see animals such as deer, antelope, and wild horses. Settler villages are also set along this portion of the Railroad, giving glimpses of covered wagons and Native American villages. The Walt Disney World Railroad Frontierland Station is a favorite attraction for all cowboys and cowgirls, both young and young-at-heart!