The Haunted Mansion

Welcome “Foolish Mortals!”

*image credit Walt Disney World

An abandoned mansion. An old crypt from which an eerie, otherworldly tune plays. Ghosts that float above the ballroom floor, dancing for all eternity. An old graveyard whose inhabitants don’t seem to understand they are dead. Sounds like the making of a great campfire story, doesn’t it?

Come join the 999 Happy Haunts at the Haunted Mansion! This Walt Disney World attraction has been delighting guests since October 1, 1971. Your haunting adventure begins in the interactive cue, where you can play along with the Musical Crypt, avoid the captains sneeze erupting from the Sepulcher of the Sea Captain, experience books that move on their own at The Secret Library, and help an otherworldly writer overcome writer’s block at the Tomb of the Posthumous Poetess.

*image credit Walt Disney World

After making your way through the cue, you will be led inside the Haunted Mansion and into The Portrait Chamber, where you need to decide if you are getting smaller, or if the room is getting taller (note: at the end of your experience in The Portrait Chamber, you will experience a moment of complete darkness, so be sure to take young children by the hand). You are then escorted to your Dune Buggy, from which your Ghost Host leads you on a tour of the Mansion. Classic scenes like the Grand Ballroom have been paired with an updated Graveyard, pairing this iconic attraction with 21st century animatronics in true Disney fashion.

*image credit Disney Parks Blog

As your ride ends, your Ghost Host warns that some of the 999 residents of the Haunted Mansion have been known to hitchhike, so proceed with caution or you may find yourself taking one home! Not ready to leave? While the Haunted Mansion is home to 999 Happy Haunts, there is room for one more!

Tips: The Haunted Mansion is handicap accessible via transfer.  Lines can get a bit long here, so you may want to consider using a Fast Pass if this attraction is on your must-do list.  While there are some spooky elements to the Haunted Mansion, the attraction is gore-free and the Happy Haunts are friendly and welcoming! This attraction is appropriate for children of all ages, but parents should proceed with caution with very young children. Also, be sure to keep a lookout for Mr. Toad in the exterior graveyard!