Diamond Horseshoe

Saddle up for the seasonal dining experience that is the Diamond Horseshoe.

*image credit Walt Disney World

Located in Liberty Square, this table service restaurant is open only during peak crowd time periods. As you saunter into the Old West themed saloon you immediately notice a center stage. What once was an old entertainment venue, now serves as home to a self-playing piano for the enjoyment of diners. The tables on the lower level are ideal for larger parties, but if you arrive with a smaller group head upstairs to the “box seats” overlooking the stage. The chairs are comfortable, the air-condition is flowing, and everyone has a fantastic view of the stage.

*image credit Walt Disney World

For the hungry cowboys and cowgirls that stroll in out of the Florida sun, the Diamond Horseshoe offers an all-you-can-eat family meal. The meal begins with complimentary bread service, and seeing as this is the Wild West, you are given a warm plate of cornbread. The Frontier Salad follows, and then guests are given the option of several main courses; BBQ Pulled Pork, Carved Turkey Breast, and Smoked Sausage are just a few of the delicious options. Pick one entree or pick them all, the opportunities are unlimited. Finish up the meal dreaming you were on the open range with a decadent Campfire Brownie.

So, next time you are at the Magic Kingdom and the crowds are at a peak, mosey on over to the Diamond Horseshoe for a classic American meal.

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