Memento Morti, Liberty Square Portrait Gallery, and Liberty Square Parasol Cart

*image credit Walt Disney World

Survive your supernatural journey through the Haunted Mansion?  After disembarking, mortals are invited  to step inside Memento Mori, the one of a kind Haunted Mansion themed merchandising venue. Here you’ll find goodies and ghouls inside the home of Madame Leota. You may even spot her while shopping for your favorite Haunted Mansion art pieces, collectibles, housewares, clothing, and gifts. Listen closely to the sounds as you peruse the wares, and don’t stay too long or you may become a permanent fixture in this frightfully fun abode!

Liberty Square Portrait Gallery

Looking for a new portrait? Stop by the Liberty Square Portrait Gallery! Located right in Liberty Square, these amazing artists will create either a serious portrait or a caricture of you and your family.  Don’t miss this opportunity to grab a custom, one-of-a-kind souvenir of your Disney vacation.

Liberty Square Parasol Cart

Looking to pick up a new Parasol?  Stop by the Parasol Cart located in Liberty Square!  The elegant Parasol was introduced to European culture in the 16th century. These beautiful items serve multiple functions: during periods of rain, the Parasol can keep the carrier dry; during warm days the Parasol provides instant and portable shade; and the elegant design provides for an excellent fashion accessory.  This multi-function item is a great souvenir of your Walt Disney World vacation.