Casey’s Corner

“Hotdogs, get ya hot dogs here!”

*image credit Walt Disney World

You may not be at your favorite baseball field, but when you walk down Main Street, USA, you’ll find that the magic of baseball is being brought to you as you approach Casey’s Corner!

*image credit Walt Disney World

Casey’s Corner, situated on the corner of Main Street, USA, is a quick service restaurant that is ready to serve up your favorite traditional ballpark treats. As soon as you get in line to order you will feel as if you’ve entered an old fashioned stadium. With the smell of hot dogs, corn dog nuggets, and french fries filling the air, it’s nearly impossible to enter Casey’s Corner and NOT whistle or sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. Whether you desire a simple all beef hot dog, one with topped with chili and cheese, or even one topped with macaroni, cheese and bacon, you’re sure to find something you’ll love at Casey’s Corner!

*image credit Walt Disney World

A variety of beverages are available, including fountain sodas and frozen lemonade slushies that can be served in a Casey’s Batter Up! Souvenir Cup to keep you cool on even the hottest of days. Cracker Jacks and Cotton Candy shouldn’t be overlooked when you place your order at Casey’s Corner.

Casey’s Corner is open for lunch and dinner daily and some dining plans are accepted. Indoor and outdoor seating can be found at this location so that you can choose where to relax and enjoy your meal. If you choose to dine outdoors you may have the chance to be entertained by Jim playing some ragtime tunes on his piano while you dine!

Casey’s Corner Lunch & Dinner Menu