Space Mountain

Launch into Outer Space on Space Mountain

*image credit Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World’s iconic Space Mountain is by no means the fastest roller coaster ride (reaching speeds of 28 miles per hour compared to Big Thunder Mountain’s 30), but what it lacks in speed, it makes up with its immersive atmosphere.

As you enter “the tunnel,” neon signs set the scene for your space journey and welcome you to your gateway to the galaxies. What gives Space Mountain its edge is total darkness, except for a dimly lit night sky with twinkling stars – oh, and falling asteroids. It twists; it turns, and shoots you through a blast of neon lights that, at times, might make you feel like you just have had an alien encounter.

Tip: Riders must be 44″ (113cm) or taller to ride. This is an extremely popular ride, so a Fast Pass is very helpful!