Stitch’s Great Escape – Temporarily Closed

Welcome to the Galactic Federation

*Image credit Walt Disney World

New recruits are welcomed in the Galactic Federation Teleportation Center and given a briefing from Sergeant C4703PK2704-90210. It is here that criminals of the Cosmos are teleported and imprisoned. During your briefing, a routine teleportation goes horribly wrong. An emergency is declared and you must make your way to the high security Teleportation Center. Uh-oh.

It’s during the teleportation process that the prisoner (you guessed it – Stitch!) escapes. Whilst on the loose, you can feel a cool breeze, hear Stitch whispering in your ears and feel his breath behind you too. He evades capture, but not before causing a bit of havoc, of course. However, order is restored and you are released. Now that all is well, will you report back for duty again tomorrow?